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Nurse Stories

Nurse Stories Videos

View Vermont Nurses Miriam, Russell, and Jean as they share their stories (video) about furthering their education and what being a nurse means to them.


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The Nurse Pinning Tradition

One of the many things that makes nursing special is the tradition of "pinning" a new nurse. Did you know this is a tradition that has been around a long time -- and that the pins are different for each school?

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Amanda BSN and MSN

Amanda currently teaches full-time for Vermont Technical College and works per-diem for Gifford Medical Center in the medical-surgical unit and emergency room. She has both her BSN and MSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing and will be starting her DPN program there in May.

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Patricia currently works as a home health nurse for Orleans/Essex visiting nurse association. As a home health nurse, she calls the beautiful Northeast Kingdom her work setting and client’s homes her office. Patricia says “A bachelor’s degree is the gateway to endless potential in nursing. As you look on websites and read nursing journals, there is a real push for bachelor degree prepared nurses and I did not want any doors closed to my future.”

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Alexis BSN Nursing Student

Alexis has just been hired as a maternity nurse at UVMMC. She sees getting her BSN as a necessary step in her career path. In her experience, she has found more and more employers are looking for nurses who have their BSN or are working toward it.

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Ingrid BSN and more

Ingrid has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from UVM and is currently working toward her AGNP. She went back to school for her BSN because she felt there was so much more to learn about nursing than she had been exposed to in her Associate’s program. Ingrid works in the OR at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont. She is so happy with her current position, she wouldn’t change a thing!

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Gloria works as an Inpatient Psychiatry Staff Nurse, part of an interdisciplinary team for individuals with acute mental health crisis. Working toward her BSN is the next step in realizing her goal to become a family nurse practitioner and a certified Psychiatric NP.

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