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Nurse Stories

Alexis BSN Nursing Student

Alexis_400x400.jpgAlexis has just been hired as a maternity nurse at UVMMC. She sees getting her BSN as a necessary step in her career path. In her experience, she has found more and more employers are looking for nurses who have their BSN or are working toward it.


One of the things Alexis has found personally challenging in going back to school has been the online format: She prefers the interaction and peer support of a traditional classroom, but the flexibility of the online program makes it possible for her to enroll in classes and maintain steady employment while she works toward her degree. She sees it as a trade-off.


Alexis says she is really happy to be back in school. She has gained a level of confidence that she didn’t have when she completed her Associate’s Degree. In fact, she now has her sights set on grad school and one day earning her PhD.


Alexis recommends forming study groups as a way of building connections with fellow nursing students. She has found the teachers in the online program to be very approachable and supportive. Alexis encourages other students to reach out to their instructors and take advantage of the incredible resources available to them. Alexis has been surprised at how hard it is to balance work and school; it’s important to her to do her best in both areas. She recommends designating two study days per week, and advocating for that time to be dedicated to school.

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