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Nurse Stories

Amanda BSN and MSN

Amanda_400x400.jpgAmanda currently teaches full-time for Vermont Technical College and works per-diem for Gifford Medical Center in the medical-surgical unit and emergency room. She has both her BSN and MSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing and will be starting her DPN program there in May.


One of the major challenges that Amanda has faced is the cost of going back to school. A common concern, Amanda says that she has been able to take out student loans. Taking online classes also means holding yourself accountable to a certain schedule. She says that in order to make the online classes work, your time needs to be scheduled appropriately and to set out specific amounts of time for each course.


Amanda has always loved school, which played a large role in her decision to continue on with her education. She found that going back to school for her BSN and MSN were actually easier than going through her PN and ADN programs. Furthering her nursing education allowed Amanda to teach at a college level and become published, which is exactly what she wants to be doing with her career. Earning her DPN degree will allow her to secure tenure where she teaches.


Amanda says that if you think too much about going back to school, you will always find a reason to push it off or why it won’t fit into your schedule. She says that you just have to make it happen. Her dad always told her “a college degree is one thing that can never be taken away from you. Once you have one, you will always have it,” and she’s always kept that in mind.

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