Online, on campus, or both?

laptop-blue50.pngBSN Program all online. Vermont Tech offers a career ladder progression approach for students to enter and advance in a nursing career. The career ladder approach is provided in a 1+1+2 model which allows for the completion of the Practical Nursing (PN) certificate, followed by the completion for the Associate of Science in Nursing (ADN) leading to eligibility for RN licensure, and culminating with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). 
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Tuition & Fees

Tuition costs for online degree-completion programs in Nursing (BSN).
Tuition $608/credit; Online fee (per semester) $243; Matriculation Fee* $360

Academic advancement scholarship

Entrance Requirements

Unencumbered, active license as a Registered Nurse within the United states.  RN graduate of and accredited nursing program with a minimum of 2.5 GPA.


Prerequisites for BSN Program Nutrition (3 credits), Human Anatomony & Physiology I & II ( 4 & 4 Credits), Microbiology (4 Credits), English Comp (3 credits),  Mathematics (2-3 credits), Introduction to Psychology (3 credits), and Human Growth & Development (3 Credits). Prerequisites total 26 credits. BSN General education credits include: Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, Sociology elective, Bioethics and East & West Healing for a total of 15 credits. Total number of nursing credits for BSN 35.

Total Length of Program

Total credits for online BSN Degree is 47 (15 general education and 35 nursing). The BSN program includes 675 hours of theory and 225 hours of precepted time that can be completed in the student's community or work setting. 

Time Commitment

part-time50.pngfull-time50.pngThe RN to BSN program must be completed within six (6) consecutive years from the date of enrollment to the date of completion, regardless of continuous enrollment and/or leave of absence. Students may take an approved leave of absence from the RN to BSN program for a maximum of one (1) calendar year.


Carolyn Stannard-Carlo RN, MS Professor of Nursing
BSN Department Chair
Vermont Technical College

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